CMS Consultants Mission

CMS Consultants join together to share knowledge and make sense of the thousands of Content Management Systems on the market.

CMS Consultants is a membership organization. It includes

  • Systems Integrators.
  • Professional Services Firms.
  • Individual consultants.

Members rate content management systems they are familiar with.

We describe our practices, tagging them with information that allows clients to search for the right consultant.

Our members:

  • Research and publish best practices in a wide range of CM areas.
  • Track and publicize CM-related events and jobs.
  • Publish a variety of definitive sources for CM terms and news.
  • Contribute to industry mailing lists.
  • Organize meetings to discuss critical issues.
  • Help to maintain our website, discussion forums, knowledge wikis, and syndicated web services.

We advertise our services on our community website.


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