CMS Consultants participate in the creation of content management resources for the benefit of members and the wider community.

Section Editor: Bob Doyle

Mailing lists
A number of email mailing lists are maintained by our parent organization CMS Review. Some are publicly accessible while others are for the use of members only.

We publish a newsletter twelve times a year.

A Glossary of 270 technical terms is augmented by links to over twenty glossaries on the web of interest to CMS Consultants.

The Resource Library provides a collection of content management-related information. Material available includes a list of useful resources like articles, magazines, websites, conferences, and weblogs.

Best practices
Several Best Practices areas have been selected for research.

CMSML is a markup language for classifying and evaluating content management systems.

Lifecycle Poster
Draft CM and CMS lifecycle posters and several existing CM posters for comparison.

This subsection describes the standards and processes used to develop the CMS Consultants website. It is a major resource on the elements of a modern website, including global, local, secondary, and supplementary navigation schemes.

Last updated: December 1, 2006 by Bob Doyle

RFP Wizard

The CMS RFP Wizard
collects key quantitative parameters that describe your intended uses.

It produces a report you can use to send to your own candidate vendors.

You may also send it through us to consultants judged best able to help you further. Or you may choose to forward it to CMS vendors we identify as good fits for your intended uses.
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