We spoke about the seven essentials for your website and we will now dive deeper into what each essential is and where you can implement right away.

1) A platform to build your website: This is where you will design, and publish your website. You’ll be able to choose different themes, colors, fonts, graphics, etc. You can look around for different website builders on the web, or you can choose from the following, Weebly(free), IMXPRS(yearly fee), WordPress (free and monthly billing).

2) A domain name and a domain hosting company: A domain name is simply the words that will be between www and .com. This can be anything, but it should be either your brand name, or something related to it, if the name you want has been taken. You can check available domain names at Namechk and you can host your domain at Godaddy or Namecheap.

3) A logo, if you don’t already have one: You’re going to need a logo, and though it is often not given much thought by business owners, the logo is the face of your business. Some logo making companies are Tailor Brands, Canva, and Logo Maker.

4) Content, and ways of separating the content into categories: You’re going to need to think about what tabs to have on your website. The most common are the Home page, the About Us page, Products page if you’re selling a product, Services page if you’re offering a service, Location page if you’re a physical location, and a Contact Us page to have people call you or leave their email.

5) Analytics: What doesn’t get tracked, doesn’t get measured. Analytics are the all-seeing-eye for your business. These will determine whether or not what you’re doing is working and how well it’s working. You can use the most known analytics software, Google Analytics.

SEO & Budgeting

SEO can be done organically or by using the Phoenix SEO Company. If you want to do it organically, there will have to be a lot of time and effort involved so that you do it correctly. You can also contact the Phoenix SEO Company or find the right service for you at  internetmarketingteam.com. Basically, with SEO, you want your content to be relevant to the demographics you are targeting, you’ve got to have good quality content, there must be a great user experience, and your site should load instantly. Other factors that will improve your SEO are compatibility on different devices, keywords, and linking all of your pages to all of your social media sites. The more people visit your site and the longer they stay on the site, will determine how your site ranks in searches.